Sterimax is proud to supply disposable PPE and hygiene products to multinational food, manufacturing, and healthcare companies. Our established supply chain removes risks associated with global procurement, helping companies meet demand at volume with great customer service for a seamless experience.

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of disposable gloves, disposable PPE, face masks, wet wipes and sanitising sprays and hand gels. We only stock CE marked and approved products that meet industry requirements.

We invite you to browse our collection if you know what products you need. If you require advice before buying, please contact us for help. We are here to assist in any way we can, delivering a quality service from start to finish.

Sterimax - Global Medical Consumables Supplier
Sterimax - Unbeatable Service

Trusted Service

Multinational companies trust us to supply disposable PPE, hygiene and sanitation products in bulk.

We have stock in UK warehousing and can ship products by the case and pallet load to suit any volume requirements.

Meanwhile, at Sterimax HQ, our experienced customer service team can help you source the right product.

Why not let us do the hard work and source the right products for your requirements?

Global Leaders

Sterimax is one of the leading suppliers of disposable PPE, face masks and wet wipes globally. 

We are trusted by UK, EU, US and global companies across the food, manufacturing and healthcare sectors to procure equipment. 

Sterimax has been in business since the early 1930s and has always been family-owned. 

ISO9001 accreditation demonstrates our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Sterimax - Experienced Worldwide Sourcing
Sterimax - Managed risk

Reliable supply chain

Our reliable chain is bolstered by connections to the world’s biggest suppliers, manufacturers, and logistics companies. 

We source products in large volumes to supply them in bulk at competitive prices. 

By working with us, you can remove the risk of global sourcing and assure access to all the disposable PPE, face masks and wet wipes you need. Simply put – we make buying medical consumables easy.

Why Sterimax?

Sterimax - Experienced Worldwide Sourcing
Experienced Worldwide Sourcing

Over 25 years of experience sourcing worldwide from Asia to Europe & America.

Sterimax - Large UK and Europe Based Warehouse Facilities
Large UK and Europe Based Warehouse Facilities

We can act as the stockholder saving you storage costs and space

Managed Risk

As the importer we protect you from any price fluctuations, custom charges or excess stock

Unbeatable Service

Rapid turnaround with bespoke solutions tailored to your needs

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