Sourcing Specialists

Every business is reliant on continuity of supply.  However, global sourcing can be a strain on internal resources as well as cash and is always a significant risk to any business. 

Economic shocks, foreign currency fluctuations and geopolicital situations all have to be taken into consideration when sourcing and can be a full time job trying to keep up to date with latest developments. 

It’s companies like Sterimax that take the risk of global sourcing.  

Global Network.  Extensive Experience

We have been sourcing globally for almost 15 years, which has enabled us to develop a network of manufacturers, shipping agents and a team of quality control personell from North America to South East Asia and every where in between.  

Our long standing experience, economies of scale and shipping resources mean Sterimax can take on your procurement risks, while still passing on all the benefits of global sourcing to your company. 

We’ll rise to any sourcing challenge you throw at us, and make sure we deliver a product that meets regulatory requirements, quality parameters and pricing expectations, while you can concentrate on growing your business. 

Projects we've worked on

Purple Gloves

Sharps Bins

Fleece Blankets

Stretcher Sheets

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