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Sterimax is a leading bulk supplier of disposable PPE to the healthcare, food processing, manufacturing and hospitality sectors. We supply CE, and UKCA approved PPE, including disposable gloves, disposable overshoes and gowns.

Disposable PPE is for single-use only, affording the wearer with varying degrees of protection depending on the product. All the PPE we sell is from trusted manufacturers, and all perishable products have clear expiry dates.

We can help you specify the correct PPE per use case, and our significant stock levels ensure we can satisfy bulk orders at short notice. Browse our full collection and pick up all the PPE products you need in one place.

Disposable PPE – a quick guide

It is widely used in healthcare, hospitality and food processing. It satisfies requirements for sterile environments, such as healthcare settings, to protect the wearer and others from infection.

Here is a quick list of the PPE we stock:

  • Disposable wipes
  • Disposable overshoes
  • Disposable gloves (nitrile, latex and vinyl)
  • Disposable oversleeves
  • Disposable gowns
  • Disposable aprons
  • Disposable face masks
  • Disposable face shields
  • Disposable theatre caps

These products are for use in moderately infectious and hazardous environments. The NHS, private hospitals, care homes, food manufacturers, chemical processing plants and caterers use the products we stock.

Protective disposable clothing protects the wearer for short tasks and procedures, like food packing and medical examinations. It is usually worn over clothing or scrubs and is thrown away after being used. The purpose of protective disposable clothing is to prevent infection and contamination, although the level of protection offered depends on the type of material and its construction. For example, latex gloves are ideal for food preparation but not surgical procedures, where powder-free nitrile gloves are best.

Disposable PPE should be discarded after use because it is not designed to be reused. Reusing disposable PPE could compromise your and others' safety and be against company policy or health regulations. The only PPE that can be reused is R (Reusable) designated PPE. For instance, some face masks are reusable and most chemical handling gloves are reusable. If you are unsure, refer to the manufacturer's instructions. Anything marked NR is non-reusable and should be discarded after every use.

PPE is disposable to eliminate contamination risks (when thrown away, disposable PPE cannot contaminate the environment). However, it needs to be disposed of responsibly, such as in a yellow biohazard bin if it is contaminated with infectious waste. The disposable nature of PPE means it is not good for the environment, but it is 100% necessary for human health and sanitation. Disposable PPE cannot be washed and should never be reused; otherwise, the risk of contamination increases.

The key difference between surgical gowns and aprons is surgical gowns are worn over the shoulders and back, covering the arms and 90% of the torso, while aprons are worn around the head and cover the front of the wearer only. Surgical gowns are used by surgeons and medical professionals performing intensive surgery, while aprons are used for small medical procedures like sutures and blood tests. Aprons are also best for food processing, hospitality, cosmetics, and general use. If you are not performing surgery, aprons are probably the best option.

When not contaminated with cytotoxic and cytostatic waste, disposable PPE should be placed in a plastic waste bag with a tie opening and thrown in the general waste bin. PPE contaminated with cytotoxic and cytostatic waste should be placed in a yellow biohazard bag and disposed of at a suitably authorised waste facility. Although rarer, disposable PPE contaminated with chemotherapy-related drugs should be placed in a purple waste bag. Never put PPE contaminated with infectious and hazardous substances in the general waste.

Sterimax is proud to supply disposable PPE and hygiene products to multinational food, manufacturing, and healthcare companies. Our established supply chain removes risks associated with global procurement, helping companies meet demand at volume with great customer service for a seamless experience.

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of disposable gloves, disposable PPE, face masks, wet wipes and sanitising sprays and hand gels. We only stock CE marked and approved products that meet industry requirements.

We invite you to browse our collection if you know what products you need. If you require advice before buying, please contact us for help. We are here to assist in any way we can, delivering a quality service from start to finish.