How to Create Your Own Branded PPE Range

September 19, 2023

How to Create Your Own Branded PPE Range

Developing an own-brand PPE range may seem daunting, but it can be a simple endeavour with the right partner. An own brand allows you to take control of your supply chain, reduce costs, and protect against above-inflation price increases.

However, bringing a PPE range to market requires careful planning and execution whether you intend to sell it or keep it in-house for workers.

Here are the steps to move to your own branded PPE range:

Choose the right partner

The first step to a successful own-brand PPE range is finding the right partner to manage the complexity of sourcing products. Look for an established PPE supplier like Sterimax with experience in design, compliance, global sourcing, and logistics.

We can help you navigate regulatory approval, product sourcing, quality control and delivery challenges that would otherwise slow you down.

Decide on products

Consider which PPE products make the most sense for your brand. Popular branded PPE includes disposable gloves such as latex and nitrile gloves, safety glasses, hard hats, masks, and blue disposable aprons. Focus on the products that your workers and customers need.

Sterimax can provide insights into the latest PPE trends and growth opportunities like we did for suppliers during the COVID pandemic with face masks.

Gather worker/customer feedback

An important step is to gather feedback from the workers who will be using your branded PPE and the customers who will be purchasing it. Get input on what features and benefits they would like to see. What problems do they have with current products?

This valuable insight will allow you to tailor the products to meet their needs and drive adoption. Consider surveys, focus groups, and field tests. Let actual worker and customer perspectives guide your branded range development.

Design your brand identity

A strong brand is necessary if you intend to sell your PPE range. Work with your partner’s design team to create a logo, colour palette and style representing your brand’s values. This allows you to connect with customers emotionally to drive preference for your brand over others. Your identity will appear on product packaging, labels, marketing materials, websites, etc. Invest time upfront to develop a strong brand foundation.

Review product specifications

Don’t just slap a logo on a generic product. You should review the product specifications and customise them to your brand standards. Consider special features, sizes, materials, and certifications necessary to your customers, allowing you to tailor the products to your needs and control the user experience. Work with your partner to incorporate your branding aesthetically into the product design.

Ensure compliance and test the products

Patiently going through compliance and testing processes is crucial to launching a trusted brand. Your partner should validate all branded products against the required standards and obtain the proper certifications. This protects your reputation and mitigates risk. It may take a few months, but the investment is worth it to reassure users that your branded PPE meets quality and safety regulations.